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About Us

Who we are!

I grew up in Youngstown, OH., in a culturally diverse small town of sports-crazed, blue collar, where work ethic and integrity are engrained in you at a young age. 

I started this business to deliver a high quality product to customers at competive price, with the goal of proving that by NOT having a brick and mortar store, I can put better quality into your hands, not more profit into mine.

I spent years buying and testing garments and materials, so I could fulfill that promise to deliver better goods to both consumer and business clients alike.

It is with that mission that I started Homegrown Apparel. Using the finest quality threads, I will consistently deliver a curated collection of original and unique designs that are second to none in quality and value.

And for business clients, I have had the privilege to work with many businesses and non-profits, as well as fitness centers, sports teams and nationally renowned martial arts teachers.

Thanks for visiting Homegrown Apparel.

Kind Regards,

Michael J. Balale


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